• NEasy to understand: both, what makes a house comfortable and desirable and anyone can gain expertise
  • NUse debt to buy: it is a very competitive mortgage market for property.  Property can be improved with your ideas and hard work, and trades who specialise in niches
  • NIncome generation: if you have the right property, someone will pay you rent to occupy it, and help you service the debt
  • NGrowth in value: over the last 10 years, most properties in Australia’s east coast cities have doubled in value
  • NTax-effective: investment properties can have most of their costs deducted against the rental income, i.e. mortgage interest, maintenance, repairs, rates, management fees and asset depreciation. *Refer to your Tax Specialist for more information
  • NSecurity: lenders can secure further loans against your property, which makes property a good wealth creation tool.